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  • High precision, reproducible, fast, safe;
  • Automatic substrate detection and substrate lighting;
  • Cutting pressure adjustment;
  • Suitable for a wide range of materials;
  • Possibility to incorporate different tools;
  • Applies 19 standard patterns fully automated onto a substrate;
  • ISO 2409;
  • BSS 7225F;
  • ASTM D 3359.

ISO 2409, BSS 7225F, ASTM D 3359

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Slide Slide Safety Cover Cut through indicator Easy to operate Display Automatic substrate rotation Hardened and laser engraved cutting blade Knife force adjustment Connection for optional tool for double coated panels Easy sample clamping

Slide The Automatic Cross Hatch Cutter is the ultimate tool for Cross Hatch testing.
It can create accurate and reproducible pattern cuts through applied layering.
This device can be used in the coating-industries, to determine whether coat adheres properly to the substrates to which they are applied. The machine is operator friendly, compact, safe and robust.

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Slide Durable blade, which can be used as long as 18 normal blades. Slide Simple operation. Optional display percentage of cut coat layer. Slide Visualization cut coat layer. Slide More reproducible and safe than hand-made
cuts, increasing the quality process of these adhesion test methods.
Slide The safety cover will prevent the user from touching the blade during the cutting process.

Precise and fully automatic

–   Fully automatic pattern cutting and panel rotation.
–   Eliminate operator variations.
–   Precise and reliable operation.
Accessibility and operation:
–   Panels can easily be positioned or repositioned for cutting multiple patterns per panel.
– Wide range of substrate sizes and materials are possible.
–   Fast, efficient, easy and silent operation.
–   Easy cutting blade force adjustment.
Proven concept:
–   Similar system has been in use by renowned companies for almost 20 years.
–   The CHC2 is a robust instrument, made with high-quality components.

Precies en volautomatisch:
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Safe, yet fast

Risk reduction:
–   Avoid safety issues, the CHC2 meets current safety requirements (CE marked).
–   Changing the cutting blade without touching it, using a special safety tool.
–   Automatic safety mode when cover is opened.
–   Table top model with small footprint, saves up expensive lab space and is easily transportable.
–   Durable carbide blade.
–   18 blade positions visually indicated with laser engraved index marks.
–   Low power consumption / energy efficient.

Eliminate operator variations

–   Quick access to pre-programmed patterns according to various norms (ISO/ASTM/BOEING).
–   Additional patterns can be programmed as supplied by customer.
–   Contact indicator, which lights up when the blade cuts through the coating.
–   Cut-through percentage indicator as an unique feature (optional).
Next level:
–   Level up your performance with this professional high-quality equipment.
–   Currently the best and most versatile device on the market.
Easy installation:
–   Plug & play setup and operation.
–   Full package delivery with all required accessories including clearly illustrated English manual and an quick start guide.

Eliminate operator variations: