• High precision, reproducible, fast, safe, easy to use;
  • Fully automatic handling and contactless rotating analysis of your products;
  • Up to 10 samples per rack, maximum 7 racks can be loaded;
  • Operation via PC program or optionally via the machine touchscreen;
  • Customizable for your product(s);
  • Each sample is analyzed and the measurement results can be exported to Excel.

Fully adaptable to your products:

NeoTec has developed an Optical Rotating Analyzer, the ORA.
This compact desktop analyzer can analyze your products contactless, with optical precision. There are holders for a range of different samples.The measurement results can be exported after product analysis.
The device and racks can be adapted to your product(s).

Optimize your verification process:

Depending on the product, the analyzer can accurately measure or check:
– Angles
– Parallelism
– Profiles
– Straightness
or other geometric properties. Please contact NeoTec engineering for your specific application.
The analyzer can be supplied with or without the fully automated feeding system.

Automated analysis and data export:

Each sample is analyzed in the easy to use software, and the measurement results can be exported as .CSV file for Excel.
Subsequently, the racks are automatically ejected, after which the next measurement can be started immediately.