System development

We can accelerate and improve your business processes by developing complete customer specific equipment.

Developing new equipment

Our field stretches from the area of prototypes (0-series) to the development of (small) series. We manufacture and assemble special components and will do the interfacing between multiple systems, if necessary. We develop your equipment according to the applicable CE (European Conformity) directives and also provide the necessary related documentation.

We have our own workshop and assembly area at our disposal. When you work with us, you are in direct contact with the professionals, who are familiar with a range of technical disciplines. Little overhead enables us to work quickly, flexibly and efficiently, which is beneficial both for you and for us.

If you wish to see your idea realized, you obviously prefer to do this through a versatile partner with a passion for their work. From simple conversations to complex machinery, we realize diverse technical projects. One time our job will concern advising or creating a component, another time it will be to create a combined mechatronic overall solution.

You will be doing business with enthusiastic and unstoppable technicians with 20 years of experience in the field, who know how to find their way around the market. This is evident in our creative and innovative way of working and solutions. We offer efficient turn-key solutions.


Information regarding the content of products or projects is posted only at the consent of the client

  • 6-fold stirrer
    Overhead stirrer for laboratory
  • Bench cooker
    saccharification process
  • Device to measure fouling deposits
    To measure fouling deposits
  • Optical Rotational Analyser
    Rotating analysis of products